HulaCoola Body Cooling Neck Tie

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Experience Ultimate Comfort with HulaCoola

Easy & Reusable for All-Day Cooling: Say goodbye to cumbersome ice packs. HulaCoola provides effortless, all-day cooling relief. Simply soak it in water for 20 minutes, and enjoy a fresh, reusable cooling sensation that lasts.

Hands-Free, On-The-Go Convenience: Designed with unique slip-free snap fasteners, HulaCoola allows you to stay hands-free and focused. The Stay-Put design ensures you won't need to stop or readjust, making it perfect for hiking, sports, and outdoor cookouts.

Soft, Breathable Fabric (No Painful Rashes): Enjoy hours of comfort with HulaCoola's extra soft, breathable fabric. Unlike cheap neck gel ice packs, our cooling neck tie prevents rashes, chafing, and the choking sensation, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience.

USA-Made Quality and Style: Choose from a variety of colors and patterns crafted by our All-American team. HulaCoola offers a soft, durable design that doesn't compromise on performance or style. Show off your unique flair on any adventure.

Fast, Natural Cooling: Utilizing natural evaporative cooling, HulaCoola avoids harsh chemicals. Featuring absorbent polymers that hold hundreds of times their weight in water, it cools you down by slowly evaporating water and pulling heat from your body.

Stay cool and comfortable no matter where your day takes you with HulaCoola!